Are you putting your business at risk because you’re still using a traditional lock and key system to control access to your company’s premises? A key can be easily lost or duplicated, meaning you may have to change all the locks in a building just to keep out unauthorised visitors. The time wasted and costs incurred could be substantial. It makes sense to upgrade to an electronic access control system, which is not only considerably more secure, but also simple and easy to use for all involved. Plus our fully qualified engineers will help set-up and install your access control system, doing the hard work for you. 

Access control systems are highly reliable and eliminate the hassle that comes with using conventional security methods. These systems use a unique identifier, such as an individual smart card or an employee fingerprint, to ensure that only those who have been authorised are allowed access to your premises. Smart cards/ fobs are difficult or impossible to copy and if they are lost they can be cancelled and
replaced easily without undermining your entire system, making access control
systems much safer than traditional keys

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